Undergraduate Program in the Department of Physics

Study of Physics, basics and applications

 Technological innovation is making rapid progress and the field of engineering physics plays a critical role in meeting the needs of technological innovations in our ever-changing world and lifestyles. Throughout the history of industry, basic scientific research has contributed greatly to technological innovations.

 In our department, we take a broad range of educational approaches in applied physics and related areas, such as applied mathematics and physical chemistry. Our departmental researches are focused on applied physics. The aim of our department is to contribute innovative development in progressive fields, the life sciences, information and telecommunications, environmental sciences, and nano-technology and materials. Our department is fully committed to help students gain knowledge, vision, skills, flexibility and originality in modern physics, a field that has expanded rapidly since the beginning of the 20th century.

Education in Undergraduate Program

 The educational program for undergraduate students is designed to give a broad understanding of physics-related subjects, such as dynamics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and applied mathematics, with the opportunity to pursue research at the forefront engineering physics. Our department offers an educational program with an emphasis on computational physics.

 Senior students are required to enroll in a two-semester thesis course and to write theses on the research. The departmental research involves condensed matter physics, nano-technology and material science, plasma and nonlinear physics, high-energy physics, optical and laser physics, and applied mathematics.

Career option

 The majority of our students pursue studies on a graduate program after completing our undergraduate program, while some enter various fields in industry, specializing and taking active roles in such areas as electrical engineering, materials, machinery, chemistry, medical technology, and industrial services. Our program ensures that students acquire the basic knowledge necessary to take part in a broad range of academic and industrial fields.