Message from Department Chairman

Our education program for undergraduate students, Physics and Applied Physics, was established in April 2011. Yokohama National University (YNU) established the College of Engineering Science with characteristic 4 departments at the same time. Our department is composed of the four educational programs (1) Mathematical Sciences, (2) Physics and Applied Physics, (3) Electrical and Computer Engineering and (4) Computer Science and Engineering. All our programs are founded on a deep understanding of the basic principles of mathematics and physics. Our curriculum is founded on both classical and quantum physics as well as statistical mechanics.

For graduate students, we establish a divison specialized in physics which provides a broad education ranging from the basics to applications, in the graduate school of engineering, YNU. The purpose of its education and research is to cultivate in students an ability to challenge new problems, and to pursue investigations and research, by using applied skills, practical abilities and sophisticated expertise gained through practical training in seminars, labs and computers and through research in specialized fields.

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Our Vision

 We connect the brightest minds of each generation, and promote strong links not only to academia, but also to the corporate world. The basic education must be in harmony with pioneering scientific research, having both basic and advanced courses taught by acknowledged scholars in the pertinent fields of research. Our students and staff share a passion for new discoveries and are given the freedom to be both creative and critical.


Chair of Department of Physics

Prof. Kaoru Ohno

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