Graduate Program in the Department of Physics

Fields of Study for Technological Innovations

 Graduate Program in the Department of Physics focuses on the advanced study of engineering physics. The Graduate program offers a comprehensive course of study in classical and modern physics, with intensive training in one of the frontier areas of modern research such as condensed matter physics, nano-technology and materials physics, plasma and nonlinear physics, high-energy physics, quantum information physics, quantum measurement, optical and laser physics. Upon entering the program, graduate students get involved in the research on their choice. Graduate students will write theses as one of the requirements for the master degree, or will write dissertation as one of the requirements for the doctor degree.

 Physics and chemistry are essential for the development of modern scientific technologies, like semiconductors, superconductors, magnetic substances, optical and quantum devices, liquid crystals and plasma technologies. Innovative scientific technologies require mastering the basics of modern physics and related fields, as well as developing a flexible ability to apply the basics to practical applications. Graduates from this program hold exciting and challenging positions in industries as well as academic institutions as engineers and/or scientists.

Financial Aid

 Teaching assistantships are available to qualified students. Non-service fellowships are available in the department for qualified doctoral students. Inquiry should be addressed to faculty/staff in the Department.

 More information, please visit university web site. Scholarships and Financial Support Programs in YNU